Report on the Trent Vale Challenge as it raises over £2,000

Report by Ann Coyne:

The Friends and staff from the museum service joined the Sunday night pub quiz at the Royal Oak at East Bridgford.  Some Civil War questions organised by Kevin Winter and Michael Hawes were included in the usual pub quiz and some kind donations were made by the people at the Quiz. 

 On 18th June 8 intrepid walkers from the Friends of Newark and Sherwood Museum service and staff from the museum service set off along the 11mile walk to Southwell.  The route followed the Trent for most of the way and after a quick pit stop at the Full Moon at Morton, we walked to Southwell.  The sight of the Minster at the last hill was most welcome to the weary crew.

 Two UPS employees were part of the team this day and the highlight of the day was a stop at the memorial to the two crews who crashed in the Lancasters at Hoveringham. (Photo).  The Civil War Pub Quiz at Southwell was tough and it was tempting to phone a friend, that was if you had a friend who knew the answers.

 Tuesday 19th, a team of 11 walked 10miles from Southwell to Newark.  Due to the recent rain the undergrowth along the field path between the road to the racecourse and Upton mill was very high and made it hard going.  After fighting through the jungle the walkers tackled Micklebarrow Hill and went on to Kelham Hall.  The Barnbygate Strollers joined the party here and Kevin Winter gave a short talk on the Surrender of Charles I to the Scots.  (Photo)

 The other highlight of the day was the fanfare welcome at Newark Castle by the Friends of the Castle and the opportunity to enter via the Water Gate in the Castle wall.  A rare treat indeed. (Photo)

A few real ale beers were enjoyed later at the Civil War Pub Quiz at the Prince Rupert in Newark and it was won by Linda, Bill and Lisa. 

 Melissa and Kevin Rookes joined the 6 of us for the 7.30 start on Wednesday 20th June.  Hester Kapur from Trent Vale Landscape Partnership sent us on our way on the 18mile walk from Newark to Dunham-on-Trent.  We met at Holme by Jim Wishart who gave a talk on the early river crossing between N Muskham and Holme and showed us round the church at Holme. 

 We had coffee and cake stop at Collingham after visiting the John Blow School where Ruth and Liz from the museum outreach team educated the children about the Civil War.  The 9 1/2 miles from Collingham to Dunham seemed a long way but the vistas from Clifton Hill were superb back to Newark and into Lincolnshire. (photo).  The walkers had a well deserve break at the Bridge Inn at Dunham prior to travelling back to Newark and an evening off.

 The weather had been very kind to the walkers considering the summer to date, however on midsummer eve 21st June this of course had to change.  Shorts and T-shirts now gave way to waterproof trousers, jackets and in one case a hat from down under.  By the time Littleborough was reached at lunch the water was running in my boots.  Emily Gillott, Community Archaeologist gave a talk on Roman Littleborough at the church. Photo

 After lunch the sun started to shine and the intrepid party walked along the Trent all the way to Gainsborough.  The party of 6 reached Gainsborough Old Hall on time and enjoyed the buffet awaiting their arrival.  Paul Howitt-Cowan, chair of the Friends of the Old Hall, gave a marvellous talk on Gainsborough in the Civil War.

 The walk has raised £2,000 not including gift aid and thanks to the 18 walkers and two dogs who took part over the four days and also to the Barnbygate Strollers.  Thanks to our support drivers Keith and Mike and to everyone else who helped with the events and made the walk possible.  Thanks also to our wildlife photographer Bryony who seemed to be practicing for the Countryfile calendar competition.

 Watch out for the March of the Romans in 2013.